NUSPS 51st Management Committee Recruitment

NUSPS 51st Management Committee Recruitment

Hello everyone! The new academic year is arriving and NUSPS wants YOU to join the 51st Management Committee!

Do you want to pursue photography together with like-minded individuals?
Do you enjoy planning interesting and engaging events for our fellow members (e.g. photowalks, photo competitions, workshops etc.)?

This is your chance to serve our awesome photography community both within and outside of NUS. You also get to learn both soft and hard skills as you undertake a position in our executive committee!

Sign up for NUSPS 51st MC now:
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email our committee members 🙂





Daniel Adipranoto


  • Chief NUSPS representative and spokesperson
  • Managing external relations with corporate sponsors and alumni
  • Ensure the smooth operation of day-to-day affairs of the Society
  • Overall in-charge of NUSPS

Dominic Leong

Vice President

  • Assist President with the Society’s affairs
  • Manage relations with various NUS Offices and Student Organisations
  • Second in-charge of NUSPS
  • Make sure your gate doesn’t get stuck

Edward Low

Honorary General Secretary

  • Administration for meetings and events
  • Management of Society’s membership of the Registry of Societies
  • Marketing of events through Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)

Aditya Salim

Honorary Assistant Secretary

  • Assist in Honorary General Secretary’s duties
  • Handles NUSPS member’s queries and membership sign-ups

Darren Tan

Honorary Treasurer

  • Manage the Society’s budget and distribute finances
  • Account for all transactions
  • Basic finance/accounting background preferred



Nathaniel Lim

Project Director

  • In charge of NUSPS annual national competition, Montage
  • Planning, execution and evaluation of the Montage event
  • Works in close relation with Executive and Publicity Cells to ensure successful execution of events

Christopher Lum

Internal Project Director

  • Conceptualise, plan and execute society workshops and events
  • Secure and co-manage partnerships with corporate sponsors for events
  • Oversee execution of events and coordinate event preparation with the committee members

Irsyaad Hasif

Logistics Director

  • Provide logistical support for workshops, events and exhibitions
  • In charge of handling and managing equipment loans for NUSPS members
  • Regular upkeep and stocktaking of the NUSPS darkroom


Darkroom Director

For any related enquiries, please contact the Logistics Director.

  • Manage darkroom usage, courses and cleanliness
  • In charge of equipment loans and maintenance
  • Assist Logistics Director in manpower and logistics allocation



Jin Yu Ge

Publicity Director

  • Lead the publicity cell in crafting of marketing strategy
  • Responsible for production and distribution of collaterals
  • Plan and execute marketing campaigns for NUSPS workshops, events and the annual competition, Montage

Lim Yun Hui

Public Relations Director

  • Liaises regularly with sponsors and potential partners (NYC, Cathay Photo etc.)
  • Search and maintain relationships with external organisations
  • Assists projects and publicity cell in marketing & communications

Chan Shun Jie

IT Director

  • Management of the NUSPS website including curation of content and event photographs
  • Creation and ensuring the functional operation of website for Montage competition and other events
  • Assists in various IT-related matters

Ng Yun Ling

Creative Director

  • Execution of design solutions that match marketing strategies
  • Assists in the visual creation of posters, flyers, EDMs and social media posts
  • Image curation and upholding of the Society’s visual identity



Roles & Responsibilities

  • Assist with planning of events & brainstorming of ideas
  • Resource management for events and assisting with preparations
  • Facilitation of events and crowd engagement
  • Event coverage/photography
  • Opportunity to meet like-minded people and learn new photography skills!




Radhiga K. Mohan

Sub-committee Member

Being in the sub-committee was a really great opportunity to learn more about photography from others as well as interact with others who shared the same passion. Also, assisting with workshops and events has not only helped me learn more about photography, but it was also a good avenue to develop management skills.

Lei Hao

Sub-committee Member

It was a pretty fun experience as a subcommittee member. We get to experience what it is like to be part of the management committee but with lesser commitments and responsibilities.

Foo Zhi Jie

Sub-committee Member

As sub-committee members we support events through facilitation and crowd engagement. We also are given room for creativity to plan and execute workshops of our own. Overall, being in the subcommittee allowed us to interact with photographers of different experience levels and genres, honing our own photography skills while also improving our event management skills.

Lim Yi Xuan

Sub-committee Member

My time in NUSPS was a fun and fulfilling one. Not only did we get to attend the workshops and learn more about photography as well as interact with the participants, we also got to learn how some of the events are planned and even had the opportunity to plan one ourselves.

Yap Zen Leng

Sub-committee Member

Being in the sub-committee was an enriching experience. I got the chance to work with the main committee members on how to plan and execute events and workshops. Furthermore, we were able to interact with others that enjoy photography while learning more skills and techniques from the workshops.

Tan Gee Ping

Sub-committee Member

As a sub-committee member of NUSPS, I had helped out in their Polaroid film workshop and helped facilitate the light painting workshop. Being part of a group of friendly committee members who share similar interest in photography, I have come to learn a lot more about photography and grown to love it even more. It has been nothing but short of fun in this short semester with them and I am thankful to have been able to be part of this interest group!

Tan Jue Ling

Sub-committee Member

Joining the NUSPS sub-committee was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my university life. During the past few months, I’ve made many new friends and also further developed my photography skills. Through the meaningful events and workshops that we’ve hosted, I’ve gotten the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life and also learn how to liaise with clients.