Behind the Lens

Behind the Lens

Behind the Lens is a series of articles that showcases the diverse personalities in our NUSPS community. Today, we have Junwei, our enthusiastic staff member who is always willing to share his knowledge and help other members out. He’s an avid street photographer who has been with NUSPS since 2006!

1: Hey Junwei, please share with us more about yourself

Hi there, I’m currently working as a lab technologist in NUS/NUH. I was a NUS Science undergrad back in 2001-2004 and I picked up photography in 2008.

2: What is your favourite genre of photography?

Street photography and starry night landscapes.

3: Please share with us the favourite photo you’ve taken so far .

This photo of 3 kids running and jumping after a bubble at Botanic Gardens. The expressions on their faces say it all. I spent about 15-20 minutes taking a lot of pictures with the bubbles already exploded before I managed to get this shot which I’m happy with.

4: Who is your biggest inspiration in photography?

Eric Kim. He is quite well known in street photography and approaches people on the streets to take photos, which is something that I aspire to do so in the future. I find it hard to open my mouth to ask for permission to do so and the rejection rate is very high.

5: Besides photography, what are your other interests?

Stargazing in rural areas of Malaysia during the non-monsoon months.

6: If you were a camera, which one would you be?

The one that I bring out most often 😉


Thanks for reading and do stay tuned for more articles from us!

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