Welcome Tea 2020

Welcome Tea 2020

Calling all NUS STUDENTS! 📸

Missed the previous e-SLF via Zoom 2 weeks ago? Fret not, NUSPS is having our welcome tea via zoom!

We will be sharing more about our CCA events, our flagship project Montage, and membership enquiries.

As we have opened our sign-ups for the 52nd MC (closing on 10 September, 2359), we will also be sharing more details about the recruitment process too. Additionally, we will be having a Q&A session to interact with everyone, and hopefully answer your queries!

No sign-ups or password is required to join the meeting. See you there!


Event Details

Date: 29 August 2020, Thursday
Time: 8.00pm – 9.30pm
Zoom Meeting ID*: 889 014 3147
Direct Link*: https://nus-sg.zoom.us/j/8890143147?pwd=QjQ5WmpYRkRhK1hIY0dkVXFCcHVhQT09

* This event is exclusively available to students of NUS. A valid Zoom account registered with your NUS email is required to access the Zoom meeting.
** NUSPS members are strongly encouraged to run for the various MC positions under either the executive cell, projects & logistics cell, or the publicity cell.