Highlights: NUSPS X POLAROID Bobawalk

Highlights: NUSPS X POLAROID Bobawalk

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the start of the new semester! NUSPS started of the year with our POLAROID|BOBAWALK event on 9 January. We partnered with Polaroid, The Bubble Tea Factory and SCAPE for this event.

The project leader for this event, Krystal, shared with us on the history of Polaroid and how to use Polaroid camera. Polaroid has graciously provided the members with Polaroid cameras, films, as well as their newest product, Polaroid Lab.

The Polaroid Lab allowed our participants to develop their digital photos onto Polaroid films which allows for many creative photos to be developed!

After the workshop session on Polaroid, we headed to The Bubble Tea Factory @ Scape for a photowalk and hands on session. The members had fun using the Polaroid camera in the Bubble Tea Factory and were visibly sad when they had to leave ☹

We also held a competition for the members to showcase the photos they took during the BOBAWALK. There were many submissions, each showing off their creativity in the usage of Polaroid equipment and their captions, which made it difficult for the Managing Committee to choose the winner.

Presenting the winning entries:

Congratulations to our winners!

NUSPS would like to thank our partners, POLAROID ORIGINALS, The Bubble Tea Factory and SCAPE for their support and contribution to make this event a success!

Here are a few photos from the events!