Residence Admission Scheme (RAS) and volunteer recruitment

Dear Members,

We would like to bring your attention to the Residence Admission Scheme (RAS) that has been put in place by NUS. NUSPS is part of the RAS scheme and NUSPS will be able to help elect its members for RAS based on members’ participation in NUSPS activities. If you are looking to stay in a hall for next semester or continue your residency in hall, do consider taking a more active role in NUSPS.

Do note that there is a limited quota for RAS nomination for NUSPS members, and such nominations will be based on your level of participation in NUSPS. For information about selection criteria, processes and FAQs, please refer to the PDF document here and vist Hostel Admission Services (Office of Student Affairs) website at

Please check out the details below for recruitment on our upcoming events! These are great opportunities for you to contribute to NUSPS and get nominated into RAS!

1.For the upcoming NUSPS Bazaar & Photobooth (16th to 17th Feb 2012, Thurs & Fri), we are looking for volunteers to help us out at our photobooth during your break time! Duties will include managing the operations of the photobooth, such as taking pictures and printing.

If you are interested in helping out at the photobooth, please sign up here and let us know what time you are free. We will create a duty roster and send it out to you for confirmation.

2.Recruitment for Montage 2012 sub-committees is still on! Montage 2012 will be held in June, and we are seeking committed volunteers to help out from now till June! Do join us if you are interested to be part of this NUSPS flagship event!

To apply for Montage sub-committees, please visit

Thank you, and we hope to see you at our events!