Recruitment for the 49th Management Committee!

We are excited to be opening up recruitment for the 49th Management Committee! Sign up now at!

We have positions open in the Executive Cell, Projects and Logistics Cell, and Publicity Cell!
-The Executive Cell comprises of the President, Vice-President, Honorary General Secretary, Honorary Assistant Secretary, and Honorary Treasurer!
-The Projects and Logistics Cell comprises of the Project Director, Assistant Project Director, Logistics Director, and Darkroom Director!
-The Publicity Cell comprises of the Publicity Director, Public Relations Director, IT Director, and Creative Director!

Please click on the individual posters for more details on each position in each cell – don’t hesitate to send us a message to clarify any details! Do keep an eye out on this space for more details on all of our upcoming events such as our booth at the Student Life Fair 2017 (FREE goodie bags up for grabs!), Welcome Tea, Food Photography Workshop + Trail, and our Annual General Meeting!

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