NUSPS Welcome Tea and Election Briefing (Aug 2013)

Good day to everyone!

First of all, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new members to our family. Thank you everyone who came down for our Welcome Tea on Monday night, I hope everyone had a better understanding of what the club is about and what we do for our members. For those of you who had to miss the Welcome Tea and/or the Election Briefing, here are the slides from both the sessions for your reference. Do have a look through the slides for the links I have provided to the online platforms we use as well as the information regarding elections for the 45th Management Committee.

Click here to read Welcome Tea 2013 Slides.
Click here to read Election Briefing 2013 Slides.

If you have missed both our Membership Drive and Welcome Tea, fret not, for you may still sign up as a member through the “Membership” Tab on our website or simply click here.

Lastly, if you are passionate about photography and want to pledge your commitment to the hobby, do seriously consider applying for the 45th Management Committee and be part of the team that will bring exciting activities to fellow members and shape the future of the photographic scene in NUS.

Hope to see you guys soon at our upcoming outing (24 Aug 2013) as well as the AGM (02 Sep 2013)!

LEE Chen Tong (Mr)
44th Management Committee
The Photographic Society of NUS

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