This week we have two POWs again (that proves our taste are rather similar :P). Good work, Raison D’etre and Derek!

The POWs of last month has already been pasted on our Notice Board. In case you don’t know where, it is just located along the corridor that links the Central Library and FASS, and it is the only green board there so should be rather outstanding. 🙂 However due to space constraint we have to put Zhang Xie’s bird (one of POW# 0) into this month’s, with the two POWs below.

And as the exams are coming, the NUSPS committee has decided to pause the POW selection for one month and will resume by December. Good luck everyone and Happy Mugging! 🙂

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1. After the Rain by Raison D’etre

After the Rain

2. Paris by Derek the Great


Nominated photos:

Neither of them gave in to each other Conflicting Interests

Joy Bella Tequila

Dancing Lights: On Land and Skies 011