Happy November! And NUSPS proudly present you POW #3!! 🙂 (I’m getting more and more concise nowadays…)

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POW#3: erF1000013 by sathea. Congrats sathea!


Nominated photos:

San Francisco Skyline. IMGP4019

IMGP4058 Construction Worker

Bird. Me + You ... not = ... love. Puppy's Tear

This week we had less photo, probably because exams are drawing near…

Originally we planned to put up the photos on the notice board after yesterday’s meeting, however we realized that we can’t get the original sized POW #3 in time. So the new plan is to print out and put up the POWs on the first Friday of the month, and that is next week. So POWs of Oct 2008, remember to check out the NUSPS Notice Board after next Friday!