NUSPS Photo of the Week! #1

So here comes the FIRST issue of NUSPS POW (Photo of the week)! And the winner is:

POW#1: Braving the Storm. by Jf_swordwind

Braving the Storm.

Congrats Jf_swordwind~

And nominated photos are:

1. Love nostalgia

road by the bay 青蜓

biennalecityhall-128 Life exists even in the tiniest crack. 22:22

MENG Bratislava

As this is the first time, let me clarify how POW works:

  1. Photos added to the NUSPS Flickr pool each week are automatically considered for POW selection.
  2. During NUSPS Committee Meeting on every Friday, we will vote out around 10 photos (this number is not fixed), and the one with the highest votes will emerge as the POW.
  3. All these 10+- photos will be featured in our official website and Flickr group.
  4. We will print out the POW and feature it in the actual NUSPS Notice Board (which is near the Central Library). The Notice Board is updated monthly, altogether with 4 or 5 POWs of that month.

Hence for this month, we will update the Notice Board probably on the 31th Oct with 3 POWs (from this week, next week and the week after respectively).

Add more photos to the pool today!

Capture the moment,

Share the fun!