Montage 2014: Kaleidoscope

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A kaleidoscope is a cylinder with numerous mirrors containing coloured objects that can form an almost infinite number of beautiful patterns changing with each view. “Kaleidoscope” is derived from ancient Greek. Kalos means “beautiful/beauty”, eidos means “that which is seen: form/ shape” and skopeō means “to look to/to examine“. Hence, “kaleidoscope” can be literally translated to “observation of beautiful forms.” Photography is in many ways about that – an observation of beauty.

This year, we would like to challenge individuals to look beyond the literal definition of kaleidoscope and explore what it means to observe beautiful forms. To some, kaleidoscope is associated with colours, shapes, patterns and reflections. To others, it might remind them of their childhood, of fun and of curiosty. Associating kaleidoscope with photography may infer looking at things from a different perspective, as anything around us can be beautiful and worthy of being captured. We hope that this theme would stimulate creativity and encourage one to capture the essence of photography through changing the way he views his surroundings.

Can something ordinary create an exceptional photograph? Can the seemingly negative subjects be seen in a different light? Can we see the beautiful forms in the everyday observations?

Link: Montage 2014 – Kaleidoscope