MONTAGE Photography Festival is the flagship event of The Photographic Society of National University of Singapore (NUSPS). It is a series of photography events, usually comprising a workshops section to enable photographers, a seminar section to share the world of photography and a competition and exhibition section that acts as a platform for photographers throughout Singapore to showcase their works. MONTAGE aims to serve as a bridge, filling the gap between the photography scene and photographers in order to promote creativity, sharing and learning among photography enthusiasts, young and old, in Singapore.

In 1999, NUSPS organized its first public seminar and exhibition in an NUS Lecture Theatre, with a turnout of 200 participants. In the subsequent year of 2000, Montage was held at Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, with a turnout of more than 500 participants. Since then, the standard and prestige of the event has grown immensely. In 2011, a series of workshops was introduced in Montage to provide participants the professional skills in various genres and fields of photography. On average, Montage has attracted over 1000 entries for competition, 300 to 500 participants for the seminar and over 100 participants for the workshops.


  • Share the world of photography with members of the public and spark greater interest in photography
  • Enable the young photographers to explore new skills and develop in photography

MONTAGE serves as a medium for NUSPS to engage with the local photography community in order to contribute to the growing photographic scene in Singapore.