Join us in our Sub-Committee for Montage and Bazaar

Dear members,

NUSPS is currently recruiting Sub-Committee members for our Montage 2013 Publicity Videography Team and for our upcoming NUSPS Bazaar at the end of February!

Montage 2013 Publicity Videography Team

As Montage 2013 is a large scale event, we would like more members to join us in making Montage 2013 a successful one!

We are looking for:

1) Videographer/Editor
– Proficient in DSLR filming making

2) Main Editor
– Proficient in Adobe Premium Pro

We do not demand for very experienced videographers or editors, all are welcome to apply for these positions.

Sub-committee members will stand a chance to be nominated for the Residence Admission Scheme for NUS Accommodation in AY 2013/2014.This is a good opportunity to be involved in Montage 2013 and to gain more experience. Members would also be able to get their works recognized and will be seen by thousands of people across the nation. They will also be able to get a chance to meet up with and be involved in the interview of inspiring figures in the photographic industry such as Jing Quek, Hart Tan, Vicky Yeow and others!

As we have a tight deadline to meet, videographers or editors are expected to remain committed from January to End March.

Application for Videographer/Editor is now open till 23 Jan 13!

Please indicate your interest by sending an email to Tuan Anh ( with the following particulars:
– Name, Faculty and Year of study
– IC
– Matriculation Number
– Mobile Phone Number
– Portfolio, if any

We hope to receive your application soon!

NUSPS Bazaar

Secondly, we would also like to recruit volunteers for NUSPS Bazaar on 21 and 22 Feb 13, Thursday and Friday.

The Bazaar will be over 2 days, from 10am-6pm on each day. The duration of each time slot is 1 hour and you can volunteer for more than 1 time slot. Volunteers will be helping out with the photo shoot at our photo studio in the bazaar. Job scope includes taking resume photos as well as informal photos.

Volunteers are required to have experience in operating speedlights, have a basic understanding of studio lighting and be able to handle a DSLR. Volunteers who do not have any experience are also welcome to join as you will be paired together with an experienced member.

Interested members are to complete this form and indicate the timings they are able to volunteer for.

** Important things to take note
1. Please make sure that you are able to make it for all the time slots you have indicated.
2. A successful indication of the names on the form would meant a successful application of volunteering for that particular time slot.
3. Sign ups are based on first-come-first-serve basis and each time slot for each day will only have TWO volunteers. Hence the 3rd, 4th and so forth signups per time slot will not be taken into consideration.

Please feel free to email Christopher ( if you have any queries regarding NUSPS Bazaar.