Join the monthly competition: Photo of the Month (Nov 2012)

Dear members,

Thank you all for participating in our October’s Photo of the Month! We are pleased to announce the winner for the October’s theme of “Imagination”. Congratulations to Chan Yan Ting for her winning photo! The mystery prize for October is a $30 cheque and her photo will be published in our upcoming newsletter!

The theme of November’s Photo of the Month is “Fallen”. The deadline for submission is 30th Nov 12, 2359pm.

For more information on how to submit your entries, visit here.

We’ll be looking forward to your entries!

*We have noticed that many of the participants did not label their photo according to the following format: “POM_(Month)_(Matriculation No.)” Please take note that it is important to label according to the format and any submission that is not labelled according to this format will be disqualified from Nov’s POM onwards.