Join the monthly competition: NUSPS Photo of the Month (POM)

Dear NUSPS members,

As part of a new initiative this year, we’re bringing back Photo of the Month (POM) for this academic year.

POM will be a monthly photo competition within the NUSPS community where members are encouraged to take photographs based on the theme for the month and upload them on the POM group pool on Flickr that we have created.

Here are further details about POM:

    1. Theme for the month will be released on the first Friday of each month and the competition will close on the last Friday of the month
    2. Each NUSPS member is allowed to submit only three photo per month – members who disregard this rule will be immediately disqualified
    3. In order to be able to identify the photographer, we will require members to title their photos as “POM_(Month)_(Matriculation No.)”. An example is “POM_OCTOBER_A0XXXXXXK” where the month is spelt fully. (You’re free to add in further elaboration about your photo in the caption box)
    4. Photos will be judged on how suitable it is to the theme
    5. The final results will be out on the first Friday of the following month, together with the new theme for the following month’s POM competition. (E.g. the winner for October’s POM competition will be announced on 2 November 2012, Friday, together with the new theme for November’s POM competition)
    6. Please do take note that Rules & Regulations apply (Click here to find out more about Rules & Regulations)

Participating in this new monthly competition will not only allow you to display your works to fellow NUSPS members but also, you will have a chance at winning a mystery prize each month!

For the month of October, the theme is “imagination”.

The October competition is open from 5 October 2012, Friday to 26 October 2012, Friday 23:59PM. (Late entries will not be taken into consideration)

For members who do not currently have a Flickr account, we encourage you to create a new one today to join POM!

Click here to visit and join the “NUS Photo of the Month” pool on Flickr.

If you’re unsure of how to upload your photos into our group pool, please refer to the following link: How to add photos to pool.

For any further enquirers, please email Shi Ying at

We’ll be looking forward to your entries!