Humans of NUSPS : Freda,Project Director

We asked our NUSPS Project Director, Freda, on what her best shot means to her. *hint hint* It’s related to our Montage 2017’s theme.


Freda: ‚ÄúThis photo was taken a few years back during Chinese New Year in Chinatown. However, it always reminds me of how diverse and metropolitan this city is. The stark contrast between the skyscrapers in the background and the shophouses in the foreground is simple a reflection of ¬†Singapore’s culture – modern yet traditional. This also implies how much progress and transformation Singapore has been through – from the period when people are segregated into different districts according to races to the multicultural society now. It is important for us to remember all the changes that Singapore has gone through in order to appreciate and preserve the harmony and prosperity that we have today.”


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