Get your photograph featured in Singapore Botanic Gardens!

Dear Member,

As you are pondering what to do in the midst of the holidays, ask yourself the following few questions.

Would you like to see your photographs exhibited to the public?

Would you like to do your part to raise awareness towards our environment?
Do you have an environmental message you want to put across to the public?

If your answer is yes to any of the above question, the society has just the right channel for you!

This coming year, we will be putting up an exhibition at the Singapore Botanic Gardens in collaboration with National Parks Singapore (Nparks) featuring photographs which showcase the impacts of human activities on the natural environment.

By expressing your thoughts through photography, you can be part of a meaningful exhibition which reach out to the public and touch the hearts of others. So wait no more and be part of this exciting endeavor!

Submission details

Deadline: 29th January 2011, Saturday

1) Upload to NUSPS Flickr account at with a short caption

2) Tag “nparks2011”

1) Email the photo(s) with the accompanying caption(s) to