42nd Management Committee of NUSPS

The Photographic Society of NUS (NUSPS) welcomes and congratulates the 42nd Management Committee on their appointment.

PositionFull NameEmail Address
PresidentHanny Kusumawardhanipresident@nusps.org.sg
Vice PresidentHow Xing Quanvicepresident@nusps.org.sg
TreasurerKoh Chong Weitreasurer@nusps.org.sg
SecretaryLionel Linsecretary@nusps.org.sg
Assistant SecretaryHu Shuchenasstsec@nusps.org.sg
Montage DirectorLim Chun Jie Ericmontage@nusps.org.sg
MarketingHo Chee Munmarketing@nusps.org.sg
Creative DirectorKong Yi Tingcreative@nusps.org.sg
Publicity DirectorChen Xinzipublicity@nusps.org.sg
Course & ActivitiesBian Yingweicourse@nusps.org.sg
DarkroomJonathan Ongdarkroom@nusps.org.sg
LogisticsXu Yifenglogistics@nusps.org.sg
IT DirectorDao Duy Duc Duong (Ryan)itdirector@nusps.org.sg

Should you wish to contact us for possible collaborations, queries or feedback, kindly contact Hanny Kusumawardhani (external) at president@nusps.org.sg or How Xing Quan (internal) at vicepresident@nusps.org.sg.

For membership signups and enquiries related to membership, please email Hu Shuchen at asstsec@nusps.org.sg.

For equipment loan, please contact Jonathan at darkroom@nusps.org.sg

Any comments or suggestions about the website itself can be directly sent to the webmaster at webadmin@nusps.org.sg.

On behalf of the 41st Management Committee, we would like to thank everyone for their support in the past year.
We look forward to your participation in our upcoming events!